Thursday, 13 December 2018


Congratulations to all the trophy winners for 2018 👏👏👏

Mary Redman Salver (Champion): Lynne Behagg

Dorothy Dushell Salver (Bronze): Yvonne Teixeira

Minnie Charges Cup (Copper): Kit Wahan

Rhodes Candlesticks (Senior): Kit Whahn

Beunderman Cup - Sally du Toit

Gertrude Grant Trophy - not played for, due to weather

Hodes Cup - Wendy Dunn

Ouma Morkel Trophy - Gina Buckmaster

Ann Willaims Cup Silver Div: Val Vlok Bronze Div: Zenith Meiring

Watermeyer Cup: Val Vlok and Toni Upton

Charter Cup: Edith Armour and Pauline Metcalfe

Enid Metcalfe Trophy: Winnie Pybus

Westcott Bowl: Lynne Behagg

Ladies Winter Knockout: Pat van Renen and Martie de Wet

Thorne Cup (Mixed Knockout): Lynne and Tony Behagg

Potjie Cup: Rest of the World

Wooden Spoon (Ladies vs Men): Ladies

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Points Winner 2018 - 14 points: Val Vlok

Runner up - 8 points: Terri Sulley

WGSA Medal Winner Siver Division -  Val Vlok

WGSA Winner Bronze Division - Niamph Casey


Congratulations to Pat Van Renen and Martie De Wet on winning the Winter Knockout

The Bridesmaids Elise and Kathy

LADIES XMAS LUNCH - 11th December 2018

The Ladies Xmas Lunch was a great success once again.....92 players in the field which was fantastic - thank you all for playing.

Many thanks to our sponsors on the day: Rita Sabba 🍷🍷 The Hospitality Group, Silk Boutique and The Ladies Committee

Thank you to Cheryl Richardson for the fantastic decorations.

Thank you to Tullishe and her staff for a delicious lunch and dessert.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners on the day  👏👏👏👏